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Hi Donni-Jay,

You are the BOMB girl!  Keep on rockin'.  We are all fans down here in Salisbury (2 clicks west of Queensland, then a right). Love ya!  Peever the Beaver.

Good Afternoon Donni-Jay

Why would anyone not like you. ? I Do.


Gary Honey

much mahalos from Hawaii !!!   aloha   ...Gary

Jack Daniels
I hope you find what you are looking for.  Jack Daniels / Howling at the Moon   www.howling.portesham.com
Chris Day
Great site! Very nice pics and links. Really enjoyed it!
Mike Turro

This site is fantastic. The input by Victor Farrell and Carol Anne is great. Victor Farrell is awesome as are you.  Best wishes, Mike.

Victor Farrell

Hey, Donni, this site just keeps on gettin' better and better! Every day something new pops up. Keep up the excellent work!

Victor Farrell

Peter golden

Hi Donni-Jay.


Only me from the fanstory web site. Have replied to your pm on the site.




All the best to you Donni-Jay in your many endevors sweety. Love the pups.

Lov'n Peace , Barbara

Diana Admire
It was so good to hear from you again. You have always encouraged and helped me with your support. As one of the first people to tell me I could do it, and inspired me to I am so happy to include you in the thanks yous in my acknowledment page of my first published works. This is a testiment to DonniJays warmth and genuine caring spirit. I think this site will be a great place for those who are talented to network and support each other. I look forward to more from you always, Di
Steve Payne

Hi Donni ' .... glad to see your doing OK ... I read your experience with US customs with interest having had a couple of ' run ins with them in the past .. :(   :)     I'm often in the US but won't be this year I don't think .. but I'll be up in Toronto for a while during Aug / Sept ... drop me a line at the email add above and I'll write you back ...  

Good Luck ' darlin'  ... Steve P .x


Hi, Donni-Jay:

Couldn't find you for awhile. The site is sure progressing. Keep up the good work.

Ever your fan...V. F.

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