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Wow Donni! What a treat! Beautiful website and all the best to you! Happy Holidays :))



Kenneth O'Neill

Hi Donni!

Brill website, it's so much bigger than I had anticipated.

I look forward to visiting it regularly.

Ken x


Hey, I took your advice and stopped in for a look see:) Saw more than I had bargained for or expected. Now I have a far better appreciation for who you are. Entertaining is your life for sure. Take care and I will check on that guy in Freeport,Il. for you. I truly have enjoyed my stay and have , as well, appreciated you.


Gary Windler

I read your autobiography and can imagine a lot of those 'nasty' people you spurned in the past wanting to write malicious rubbish against you.  Especially the jealous ones who hate anyone talented to get on in this life (especially if they are not successful themselves!) But, lies and snipes are the sign of success! To be a celebrity you need a thick shell, but I imagine it is well worth it for the perks!

I look forward to your CD's being ready. I like your voice very much and the few songs I've heard on here.

I wish you the best of luck and success.  

Best wishes,
Gary Windler.

Dave Gerrard

Hiya Dinni-Jay (and Rocky), it's me Dave from Liverpool.

Well I'm all signed up now and a member of your site! I'll also keep practicin hard on my sax..you never know when the opportunity comes along even just to help out, right?

It's been great talking to you both and please feel fre to add me to your MSN and Yahoo addys.

Good luck with everything and I hope you get the chance to reply to my email soon.


your a sexy bitch arntya
Greg Bogard

I just have to say nice and hope u make it big


Tinka Boukes

hi Poopsie I was here ...and just wanna say hi...howzzzzzit??

I am still on the same track but time will tell right??


Love to you and Father Davey!!


Love Tinka



I was browsing and found this site almost by accident.  Do you remember me?  We met about 2 years ago?  I'm the bodybuilder beer guy.  Wonderful site.  Would love to be in touch again 2 see how things are going!  M


Hi, Donni-Jay,

Saw  your article in our local paper, Swindon Evening Advertiser. I can remember your floor dancing in 'The Affair', so I thought I'd have a look at this site. Glad to see that you are still entertaining .Keep up the good work!

Regards , Val

Heather Kaer
Awesome site, Donni-Jay. Looking forward to your book's release; "The Lion's Den."

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