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Donni-Jay, you're back! The silver hair looks great! Your enthusiam is catching. Keep it up, ok?
I'm looking forward to your getting in touch.



Hi Donni,

I am really enjoying spending time on your site. So much to read, and to see.

It is a wonderful place to visit, an escape from the stresses of the m world :0)

Will be posting on forum soon, but first want to read everything.

Take care,

Yan x x x


Hi Donni,

Just thought I would sign your guestbook as I was visiting (again).

Yan x x

d graham

Hello Donni, very nice site...wish you much continued success, hope to see you soon.




Ancient Mistic


Site is great, and I am anxiously awaiting my copy of "Into the Lyons Den".  Your music and additional writtings are also of the highest quality.  Thank you.


Victor Farrell

It has been awhile, Donni-Jay, but your site has blossomed somewhat since I last looked in on you. I loved your book 'Into the Lion's Den' btw. I read it in one sitting...couldn't put it down!
Keep up the exceptional work!

Victor Farrell


Hi Donni-Jay,

Found your site by way of Michele Lundeen's.  Like her, you are a beautiful lady and I know that as I browse your website and read your material I will find that you are very entertaining as well as beautiful.



I love your site! You are an extremely talented lady! I enjoyed reading about you, and was pleased you shared your drawings with me.

Best of everything to you!



Hello Donni-Jay loved every part of this site. It tells all about you and your passion. You will continue to do well and heck why look tore up ‘cos you are older? Not if I can help itJ You look great and hope many will see how great they can look at 57. I love you for believing in Health and Wellness!!! Keep doing what you love most.

Love Always



Vixtor Farrell

Great site! However, a little more attention to it would be nice. You are people with ambition. All assets should be used to capacity. This site could launch you!

Love It!

Victor Farrell (Author)


Hi Donni-Jay,

Wow, what an incredible website.  There's so much to read here.  You have lived an incredible life.  All the best for your continued good fortune and success.


Hi Donni-Jay,

You have a very interesting site and, I have to say, some very provocative  photos.  I was intrigued and pleased to see the quality of your site.  Keep up the good work and good luck to you in your internet passion.

Peace and prosperity to you and yours,
Leon Horton
What is your Plan4Power?  Got Training?

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