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A very frightening and unexplainable journey. Luckily, I had a friend with me as a witness, or I would have thought I had gone mad.   
An Hour's journey in a Less Than a Minute!


A very frightening and unexplainable journey. Luckily, I had a friend with me as a witness, or I would have thought I had gone mad.   

                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My best friend Lol and I were returning from a trip to Taunton, which is half an hour away from Weston super Mare, a seaside resort and also my home town in the UK. We were just five minutes away, about to pick up Lol’s daughter, Charlotte, from her school. We were very pleased to be on time as usually I had a habit of becoming lost. I enjoyed driving in my red Nissan Silvia sports coupe, and felt proud not to have taken a wrong turn anywhere. We were chatting and laughing loudly, just as we always did. Everything was normal.

A few miles before the approach for the turn off into Weston, we were overtaken by about five bikers, riding past on the right side of us in the fast lane. They looked like ‘Hells Angels.’ We were looking at them, but sounds of thunder overhead, made us quickly gaze upward. We were shocked to see three WW1 Bombers. It took only seconds to look up at the bombers, enough time to say, "Surely those don’t fly any more?" My eyes went straight back to the road and the bikers had disappeared. I asked Lol if she could see them anywhere. We knew they were only going slightly faster than us, and should still have been in sight. The planes were still ahead and disappearing fast.

We both looked and there was no sign of the bikers and it was a long clear straight part of the motorway. (Highway.) There was no sign of the bikers. They were nowhere in sight, nor were the bombers visible any more. Lol was as confused as I was and we knew something was wrong. We were suddenly coming up to a roundabout that should not have been there. In fact I did not recognise it at all. Neither did Lol.  We were more than just shocked. It was  horrifying to see unfamiliar signs pointing to various places in Swindon, which was over an hour away from us in Weston.

We were so surprised that no words came to either of us. We both thought in circles without a conclusion. We knew that what just happened was absolutely impossible. I had no option but to drive around the roundabout until it really sank in, and I got my bearings. We could not find any words to say, except to think; "This can't be true."  I finally drove back the way we had just come.

Lol and I looked at each other stupefied. We were now many miles away from Weston! Lol eventually cried out, "How the hell did that happen?" I shot her a look with big eyes, as if to say, 'No idea!' Shivers went up and down my spine. "We can't pick Charlotte up now," said a worried Lol, about her daughter. She phoned her eldest son who would be in the area and luckily, he agreed to pick Charlotte up. He was shocked to hear our story of why we were late, especially as we could not explain what we were doing so far away. Lol said she'd tell him more later.

Our talk now was sporadic, in between many minutes of absolute silence except for sounds from the car engine. When we spoke we asked the same question over and over. How could that happen? What did happen? We wondered if the car had been picked up and moved at tremedous speed, or, if we had de-materialised, along with he car.

 We wondered if, when we saw the bombers, we had gone into war-time. It was frightening to think that we might have been stuck in this time warp and been involved in the war. We both agreed this may be where most of the missing people have gone. In other time dimensions, perhaps to live out the rest of their lives. Either way, it was frightening for us, but as usual we ended up laughing. "Who’d believe this?" We practically said in unison. Everyone would think we were nutters!

Lol got a phone call from her son, saying he’d picked Charlotte up.  It took us an hour and a half to get back into Weston, due to the traffic. Even though we were witnesses for each other, it was so frustrating to have to accept such a thing. We never felt any change in our speed or any kind of weightlessness. I was frightened about whether this would happen again.

How would I tell agents or organisers if I were late for a gig, that I had been placed many miles farther on than the venue, and my absence genuinely was not my fault? Who would believe that? What if I were dumped somewhere and be totally lost? What if I ended up in a desert? In the sea? There were many possibilities, we did not feel safe at all. I knew this would always be an unpleasant memory.

Now that I know it is possible, I always feel a bit afraid for myself and loved ones, of where a journey in the car might end up for them. It might even be possible to be taken overseas. And why not? I could have been taken any distance, so I wonder why only an hour away? We also wondered if the bikers noticed we were suddenly missing? It would be wonderful if one of those bikers read this, and wrote to tell me they saw us disappear! That is the only explanation for the time travel. I am not really scared as I still love driving, but I have hardly driven anywhere on my own since!

Okay, okay, I admit it's still scary!


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An Hour's journey in a Less Than a Minute!