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This was not my first strange experience, but it may be very significant. There is a strong possibility that I have been abducted. However, it is not something I choose to dwell on, nor tell everyone about. I do believe Aliens could exist.   
An ALIEN VISIT at my parents home.

   A few years ago, my then fiancée, Dave, and I were visiting my parents at their bungalow and were given the attic bedroom to sleep in. There was no window, so we had no view of the outside. It was about 3am, when I awoke hearing sounds like fast flapping, or a generator humming noise coming from above the roof. I woke Dave so he could listen and asked him to come downstairs with me to investigate. At first he tried to discourage me by saying it was a helicopter, even though there was no change in the sound. The noise stayed constant.

   I insisted, so we descended the steps and came into the kitchen. We were shocked when we looked out of the window and saw a large circle of light around the side of the bungalow directly in our view and partially on the road. It was as bright as daylight and the circle never wavered at all. Everywhere beyond that light was in semi-darkness. There were street lamps farther back, but the light given out by them was very dim.

   We leaned towards the window trying to look up, but could see nothing hovering there. Dave said it must be a searching helicopter, but I knew they could not keep that still, nor would they just be lighting up our bungalow. What was to search up there?

   Dave suggested going outside so he could look over the top of the roof. But, I was scared that if he went out the door, whatever was up there would know of our existence and maybe come for us, especially when they knew we had seen them. Dave did not need much dissuading and we stood there speechless for a few minutes. I thought we should wake my parents so they could see this spectacle, but Dave, who had a scientific mind, said there must be a reason and we should not disturb anyone and make ourselves look silly. I would have preferred to have woken them and had a few second opinions.

   So, we just went back up to the attic bedroom, where we noticed the illuminated clock showed a difference of an hour later from the time we had gone down the stairs. We knew it could not have been more than ten minutes at the most. Dave looked perplexed, stated that was very strange but settled back to sleep. I lay could not sleep and lay awake for ages listening to the sound of this generator. Then suddenly, it stopped. It did not go away slowly, it just ceased altogether. I should have gone down to see if the circular light around the bungalow had disappeared too. I suspected that it had, but I did not want to go on my own.

   On waking the next morning and telling my parents of this experience they just said, more or less, “Oh.” There was not anything else to say. I don't think they wanted to think about it. Unexplainable things are very irritating and can be disturbing. They are to me anyway. Dave was happy to leave it at being 'just one of those things.' But, I continued to ponder about it. I started reading alien phenomenon articles about this type of thing, and a few told of this exact incident.

   It seems that the people who witnessed this circular light above their building and heard the sound similar to a helicopter or a generator, had also lost an hour in time. Some had started feeling ill and anxious after the episode. Due to this, eventually they went under hypnosis for regression therapy and told about little men coming in through their window and taking them up to the ship. I read some details on the examinations they underwent.

   This disturbed me greatly, especially when they said some small item was implanted in their noses. I had begun to have sinus problems, which could have stemmed from the time of that odd event, but I cannot say for sure. To think that I had been abducted was not something I wanted to dwell on, and even now, I choose not to think about what might have happened to me.

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An ALIEN VISIT at my parents home.