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Lucifer's Tail

   The Earth is property; The Guardians of the Earth are our jailers. Read my story 'Lucifer's Tail'. I will reproduce it for you here.

   Reading theories about Man's beginnings, reminded me of a post that I introduced on Paranormal Phenomena about a year ago. I can't find that post now, so I will rewrite it here. Some may laugh, some criticize, and some may even give it serious thought. However you may take it, it will give you pause for thought...those of you who really are searching for answers, I mean.

   After the big war was fought in the galaxy and Lucifer’s army was defeated, the Galactic Leader exiled those who would divest him of his power, to the far away spiral arm at the other end of the galaxy. One of the planets chosen for exile was Earth. There were thirteen species from thirteen different planets that were landed on good old terra firma. In those days everyone was able to understand everyone else’s language thanks to decoding devices that were carried on belts and operated from a central deciphering unit.

   The exiled ones got fed up without the amenities that they were used to, and some of the less passive decided to do something about their situation. They called all the tribes together for a meeting, and suggested to them that they build a ship to take them off the planet. All agreed. And so the Tower of Babel was started.

   The Tower was about two thirds finished when the Guardians came back down to check on the occupants of the prison planet. They recognized that a ship was in the process of being built and dismantled it. then decided that the best solution was to stop their ability to communicate.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   They dismantled the central deciphering unit and took it with them. The different peoples, now unable to understand those from planets other than their own, congregated together with their own kind. Paranoia set in. It was decided that each group would take off in a separate direction, settling where the land best suited their needs.

   And so the Earth was settled by Aliens. As time passed, the story of the battle in space was perverted. It became a battle of good and evil. Lucifer, whom they fought for, became the devil. The devil was responsible for all of their problems. The Galaxy Leader became god. Only god could save them from their sins, forgive them, and take them back to their heavenly homes, As the aeons passed these beliefs evolved into our present day orthodox religions, and some not so orthodox.

   A third of the stars were Lucifer’s tail, meaning, the planets of those stars that had intelligent life forms on them. These people, some of them, probably cohabited with any Earth species there may have been at the time. (The gods of heaven came down to Earth, and finding the women fair, took them to wife). Which would account for the variations of in our DNA that science can’t explain.

   Unfortunately, we regressed down the evolutionary scale, rather than climbed it, and our knowledge was lost. We are slowly regaining it, but will they allow us to continue upward, and maybe out into space and the galaxy? It’s doubtful. And as long as Man is kept in the dark about his true beginnings, as long as he allows his mind to be bogged down with unreasonable religious beliefs that inhibit his thinking and obscures the truth, he does not stand much of a chance in regaining his true birthright!

   That’s the way I see it anyway.

   They are the enemy causing all of Earth's problems, creating new diseases, wars, etc. For them it is a game. I have no doubt that Earth is a no # 1 Soap on other planets!

   Or just call me demented.

   (Victor Farrell, Author)

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Lucifer's Tail