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I have many more short stories but they will be put into a 'Short Story Compilation.' As soon as this book is available it will be advertised in this site.   
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By now those of you who have read my stories, poems and my Bio will have noticed that I have a distinct style. It is easy to follow and understand. There is always a beginning, middle and interesting end, mostly with an unexpected twist. I am in the process of compiling a short story book. 

Regarding my novel, Into the Lyons Den, this is particularly exciting and will have readers trying to solve the mystery. But, this will not be possible, even with the clues as there are red herrings thrown around. Not sure if I have the correct saying there, but you would be a hell of a detective if you found out who the murderer was. And, the ending is MOST unexpected! This is the kind of mystery/thriller to read when you really want to get involved with the characters and feel as if you are part of the story.

I enjoyed writing it, although at times I had no idea where it was going. I am extremely pleased with the finished product, including the quality cover and vellum paper pages. The story is something you will never forget, and it can be read again at a later date. I know it is that good.

I wrote it without any crudity, swearing and gave my characters morals. They also suffer from the same dilemmas that we do in every day life and have difficult choices. I believe readers will learn much about life after reading this story.

The eBook is in adobe acrobat at the moment, but we are in the process of making it available for all of the popular pocket reader formats and Kindle. Then EVERYONE can enjoy a copy!

The paperback is available now! We are still setting up the links for worldwide sale, but the book can be bought now, from: Donni's Store (Click here) and from;


I would LOVE it if those who read my novel would contact me, or write in the forum and tell what you thought of it. You can also give reviews for it in Amazon.com  Any help you can give me with the publicity for my books will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

Take care,
Donni De-Ville x

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BUY NOW! Novel available!