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This book would make an ideal present to an avid reader. 

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         Instead of a flowery romance, Viv, the main character, encounters far more than she could ever have bargained for, or deserved. The reader will go through all the gamut of emotions with the 3D characters, and enjoy the strong story-line all the way through the book. The ending is unanticipated and you would have to be made of stone not to be deeply moved.   

         Viv, still heartbroken about Lawrence, a man whom she fell deeply for previously, is still getting over a nasty divorce from the man she married to get over the memory. She becomes a member of a dating agency, when her pent up emotions rise, as she becomes attracted to the owner of the agency. Viv then falls for two very different men. One who fills a woman’s every desire, but in choosing him, life would become as dangerous as walking a tightrope. The other man depicts total stability and a wholesome ruggedness, but without the erotic excitement. Vic’s separate world’s eventually square up with shocking consequences.

        With a sinister thread causing havoc in the lives of most of the characters, crime, murder and mystery runs throughout the action-filled story.  Clues are given and each chapter's ending has a cliff hanger, making it difficult to stop reading.

         Men can also relate to this sensual, sexual romance in ways which can help them learn more about the intricacies of the female mind.  The characters individually take the reader on an emotional journey, which probably the reader has never experienced before, invoking feelings and thoughts they will think deeply about.

         Should some of these scenarios play-out into the real world, (as have occurred with the author) the climatic twist would be similar to the ending of this story.

         An unusual and unique, exciting story the reader who loves thrillers will want to share with others and a story never to be forgotten.                                                  

                                         by Donni De-Ville      CLICK TO BUY

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This book has received rave reviews from ranked authors on top writing sites where it was first introduced and story-line perfected. Ranked 'Number 2' in Fanstory.com   The writing style is easy and makes for very vivid reading, with the characters making you care about each and every one of them. Other authors may let you down, this one will not! 

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The Author Donni-Jay De-Ville ~ Pic taken: JUNE 2019 . 

     FOR MORE OF THE BOOK DESCRIPTION, read the professional review by Chick Lit Cafe below and link here:

 https://chicklitcafe.com/2018/08/24/into-the-lyons-den-by-donni-de-ville-book-review/     August 24, 2018

Professional Review:    


Into the Lyons Den by Donni De-Ville is an exciting, racy novel filled with raw emotion and a thrilling, unexpected storyline. The story is about Viv, a beautiful woman who is remembering her first love and the intense passion she felt with him. She had made the decision to part with Lawrence due to her own fears and inability to trust. Unable to shake him from her thoughts and mind, she decides to take action and look for a new man that she can love and spend her life with. She stumbles across a dating agency entitled "The Dandy Lyons Marriage Agency." She reluctantly makes the decision to visit the agency and sign up. What Viv doesn't know is that her life is about to be turned into a rollercoaster of turmoil and upheaval. 

This is a story based on the true life events of author, Donni De-Ville. It is compelling, thrilling and engaging. There is a lot going on in this story including, kidnapping, murder and many crazy scenarios. I couldn't put this book down. From the very first chapter I was completely drawn into the life of Viv and all the things that she goes through. She encounters many different types of men and interesting people along the way. First, we meet the Lyons, the owners of the upper-class dating agency. While at a party with them, a murder occurs. Viv and her new friend begin to help clear the main suspect and she ends up getting more than she ever bargained for.

Throughout her journey, Viv, meets many unlikely characters including a transgender, an exuberant detective, a baron and many other, seemingly, questionable people. All the while a serial killer is lurking in the shadows. This is all a big change for Viv who works in an ordinary office in London. Her life has been turned upside down and she is on a thrilling, dangerous adventure.

This book is about crime, sex, lust, murder, romance and mystery. It is filled with twists and turns and at the end of each chapter readers are left hanging and hungering for more. It is the story of one woman's desire to find a lasting true love and all the crazy things she goes through with the people she meets along the way.

Into the Lyons Den is fast-paced and action filled. Readers will be taken on an unbelievable ride of murder, madness and crime. There are tender emotional moments and some laughs along the way.

The characters and settings are beautifully described causing this reader to feel like I was right there watching on. It is written intelligently and extremely well. The author, Donni De-Ville has a unique, crisp voice with a writing that is very professional and appealing.

She has brilliantly woven a one-of-a-kind story with a solid plot and a conclusion that, I didn't see coming, but is completely satisfactory and exciting. This book is a definite must read. Not only because it is based on a true life story, but because it is completely different from anything I have ever read. it is filled with intrigue and has the most interesting storyline, plot characters and conclusion. It really touched me to my core, up feelings and thoughts that are new to me.

This book is a definite must read. Not only because it is based on a true life story, but because it is completely different from anything I have ever read. It is filled with intrigue and has the most interesting storyline, plot, characters and conclusion. It really touched me to my core, bringing up feelings and thoughts that are new to me. ChickLitCafe highly recommends Into the Lyons Den to all readers that are looking for a story to escape into that is realistic, engaging and shocking at the same time. Expect the unexpected. Unforgettable!

Purchase Into the Lyons Den by Donni De-Ville     

Review from Amazon: By Jacob S. on March 9, 2012

Format: Paperback

I picked up this book on a recommendation from a friend. I was surprised at how fast I was drawn into the story. I finished the book in 2 nights because I couldn't put it down. It really is a page-turner and each chapter ends with you wanting to read more. The story was more racy than I usually read, but I was very entertained. The twist at the end really is unexpected, so now I am going to go back and re-read the book to look for the clues I missed. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast-paced mystery with a twist. I am hoping the author has other books in the works because I really like her writing style.


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NEWS FLASH: An ex-husband, Paul Bruce, became a best seller with his book; The Nemesis File. It was a memoir of his time as an Assassin with the British Army, in one of their S.A.S. Assassination Squads. I feel this worthy of mentioning, due to the shocking news releases of current events worldwide, but mainly, in America.
Many secrets can no longer to be kept under wraps as more horrors are being exposed almost daily.
We should support all living beings, and be concerned about protecting our only home, 'Earth.' Sometimes, it feels as if it is too late to save our good people and the planet. The perpetrators who have caused all this grief through their absolute greed will cause their own doom, very likely, but hopefully not, alongside ours. 

We all need a miracle.


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Ageing is such a bore! I don't agree with it at all!


Your easy contribution toward the Survival of Humanity by Donni-Jay De-Ville
No money involved.... just your mind.

 Sit in a quiet place and concentrate on what you will learn in my message below. This needs a controlled thought process, rather than being a meditation. You have nothing to lose, but this could make a world of difference, literally.  We are not physical warriors, but have a marvelous weapon. Our mind’s. Let’s use them properly, now….

(Read and Understand all of this article before beginning to visualise)

        There are MANY more good people on Earth than the evil ones imagined.... And we can do our part to gain our freedom…Even after all these years of living on what is known as a 'Prison Planet.' The human mind is so strong, it can be used like a weapon! The part of the brain which has been inactive all this time, has started to work. We are recovering our higher consciousness. The frequencies are rising, and this also applies to the Earth. Much more of our brain is being utilized due to the huge amount of deception and lies we have uncovered and have had to accept.  Truth is Knowledge…no matter how painful or unbelievable….

         Concentrate on the GOOD outcome result even though we cannot always see the progress.... Do not dwell on how much we detest the evil people, the who are causing this global suffering! Never forget the Globalists' aim is to make us feel these destructive emotions and they do their best to terrorize us into anger, grief, fear and frustration. They want us to become irritable and to fight with each other. They want to separate families. Cause race wars. For years they have been poisoning us with vaccines, prescription and over the counter meds, food, drink and personal products, weakening us physically, killing neurotransmitters in our brains with Aspartame ad Fluoride in the water and harming us emotionally. The Rothschilds, owners of the media, television and general news, do not want us to have good news, or to know of any progression we achieve and prefer to put out propaganda (they have worldwide propaganda companies) and they constantly attack our President Trump who is very much a wild card.

          The dangerous chemtrails,
ruining our lovely blue sky, hiding our sun, have many harmful chemicals, in so many forms which have have caused weakness, illnesses and hopelessness with lethargy, respiratory problems, many aches and pains making many of us want to give up.  Dumbing us down, in order to make it easier for the globalists to control us all. 

         Part of the plan has been the illegal immigrants to help destroy our sovereignty, use up the welfare, make babies to outnumber us and take housing the Americans ought to have, which cause worse poverty. With the extremists out to harm and kill us, the Cabal intention is to help cause these negative emotions which it has been said they are able to feed off. Using the terrorist immigrants and ISIS, created by the US government, was a means to an end... They have been created and paid to cause as much distress, fear and death as possible. The Trump protestors, (and idiots) are paid by George Soros and others like him, to cause the most terrible trouble possible. The off-shoot is to prevent us from feeling secure and to destroy our confidence in ourselves and in other people around us. Weakened people are easier to control.

           Globalists know that angry, frustrated people cannot calm down enough to think positively about visualizing a peaceful, happy world, as well as a healthy planet. Visualizing our world as being this wonderful, and as many times daily as we can, will manifest the ELIMINATION of all evil and the re-in-statement of moral, compassionate people with good, honest leadership! SO, Let's do this!

     Visualize a peaceful, compassionate, comfortable life for everyone and picture the planet healing....with all evil eliminated and where life is acknowledged as being PRECIOUS! This will then manifest for the first time in the history of humanity. We only need a massive amount of people thinking this way!!

Visualize it! Believe it! Do this every moment you can! BELIEVE Our President Donald Trump will be a great one. Send him positive energy and support him with all your heart! He has so much to contend with. Obama's leftovers are all around him, blocking a great deal of what the President is trying to do.

Everyone should go through thoughts like this! Working with Mala beads are particularly beneficial to concentration and attraction of the wishes becoming a reality. Those thoughts will build up President Trump’s energy wall.

Concentrate on the GOOD outcome take-over.... NOT on how much we detest the people (or maybe aliens) who are causing this suffering! Visualizing and positivity is SO IMPORTANT TO OUR SUCCESS! But we can do it!

Permission is given to post this article in other websites…Wherever you can without annoying anyone. I ask that you don't alter the wording and to please mention the source of this article. Thanks!

  2016 © https://donnideville.com 

As you know President Donald J Trump is doing the best he can, but has opposition blocking and trying to tie his hands at every turn. He has to play a game of 'worldly' CHESS. However, there is much good news and support which the media is NOT reporting on! The situation is far better than we are being led to believe! The evil is losing, so the propaganda is an attempt to save their miserable lives.    

I need to add, the evil I talk about here is from the radical, people-hating ones, some of them are 'Democrats.' These ones who have no intention of dwelling with us peaceably, have no wish to assimilate and who want to take away our culture and leave us with NO freedom of movement or speech. Nor do they want us to have a sovereign country. They hate us and America. That is why they do what they do. Depopulation is their game.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Big Pharma CEO: ‘We’re in Business of Shareholder Profit, Not Helping The Sick’   By Ron Delancer   Oct 17, 2016


J. Michael Pearson, the CEO of Valeant Pharmaceuticals has enraged the internet after saying in a recent interview with MSNBC that “his company’s responsibility is to its shareholders, not the customers who rely on his drugs to live.”

��My primary responsibility is to Valeant shareholders. We can do anything we want to do. We will continue to make acquisitions, we will continue to move forward,” Pearson said.

AND WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO CHANGE THIS ATROCITY? This admission was back in 2016!! Click the article to see the photo of this unsavoury character!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

198404_185710251472525_100001006555639_464535_404821_n.jpg     We are SICK people if we don't try to help those in need!  

I have a friend, Sharon, who runs the Big Dog Heaven Animal Sanctuary in Goodlettsville , just outside of Nashville, TN.  Of course they help all animals not only dogs. Help me to help them by being supportive of my band fund-raising and becoming a fan. To learn more, write to me; mama_deville@use.startmail.com 

Indifference not only kills, but it causes horrendous suffering to continue. We OWE it to all living creatures to comfort and protect them!

       Sadly, there will always be cowards and sadists, who harm or kill animals whether governments put them on the 'protected' list or not. ALL animals should be protected, not only those who are becoming extinct, thanks to the sub-humans who become hunters and murderers! Many people state they are animal lovers, but how many bother to help in perhaps the only way possible to them? Financial help is mainly needed, but ALL animal rescue centres and shelters are in need of some type of help. Usually, donations or campaigns helping them to raise money, but physical help is also welcomed at many of these shelters. Why not give them a call and find out if they need you?

       A high percentage of book sales as well as donations from the merchandise we sell as performers, will be for the benefit of animal shelters.  We are dedicated to working toward our position of helping subsidise as many no-kill animal shelters as possible, as well as the volunteers who need to earn a living. caring for animals and rescuing them has got to be the best work ever!

It is not always a good thing to donate to the large concerns as they have overheads and, with some research can be found to be giving only a small portion of their donations for the animals.

    The Humane Society of the United States, is known to only give a tiny percentage, and although PETA bring so much of the cruelty to the forefront, they often misuse their funds. If you do not believe me research to find out in what ways they do this. You will be very surprised. PETA do not believe animals should be pets and prefer to euthanize rather than find the animals homes or even to take them to the various no-kill shelters. It is best to thoroughly research and choose which charity or animal funding genuinely needs help and is dedicated to caring for the animals.

YOU MUST NOT DONATE to the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) They stand for genocide of animals, as well as being geneticists! (A geneticist agrees with genocide and works toward this goal.)

 Luckily I copied and pasted the information from that link while it was still viable, as it has now been changed totally on the Internet and this account cannot be found anymore...

READ ON for proof:


EXCERPT from the article:

     A few months before the Queen's German husband, Prince Philip, launched the World Wildlife Fund in 1961, he went on a tiger hunt with the Queen. A tiger was lured into range by tethered goats and shot dead by Philip who calls himself a conservationist and environmentalist.

    On the same tour, this time in Kathmandu, Philip was in a shooting party with Alec Douglas Hume (Lord Home), the Conservative Prime Minister, Bilderberg Group chairman and bloodline of the Scottish Brotherhood families.

     The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) was not created to save endangered species. Ian MacPhail, the WWF first international appeals director, told a British television crew how a mother elephant and her calf came into range. Philip shot the mother while her calf ran off in terror. MacPhail said he helped to cover up the incident because the WWF was about to be launched and he believed the Fund would benefit wildlife conservation.

     It has always mystified the public to see the contradiction between Philip, the founder and driving force behind the WWF, and Philip the killer of animals and birds for the sheer enjoyment of it.

   The Queen's husband, Prince Philip, and former Nazi SS officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands co‑founded the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 1961.

   The WWF has raised huge sums of money from multinational corporations like BP‚ Shell‚ Rio Tinto‚ and Unilever to lock up great tracts of land, first in Africa, and then all over the world‚ so that the land could not be used by locals for economic development of their nations to raise their standard of living.



Philip's 'mean green' movement is selling 'bad science' on climate-change which is designed to create food shortages, farming shut-downs and population dependency. It is part of the New World Order one-world-government agenda strategy.

The WWF is a vehicle for controlling wildlife parks in Africa and elsewhere in which terrorist groups and mercenaries can gather, train, and cross borders to bring genocide to places like Rwanda and Burundi.

The WWF coordinates and funds the systematic slaughter of people and animals and has made a fortune from the illegal trade in ivory it was supposed to be trying to stop.


https://youtu.be/PQ9mFw1WM_w   Video is only 27:45 mins long. Get in the know!
GENOCIDE THROUGH ENVIRONMENTALISM  (This video seems to still be online)

On November 1st, 1994, Executive Intelligence Review magazine held a press conference to discuss the release of EIR's special report "The Coming Fall Of The House Of Windsor", co-editor Allan Douglas details the financial and corporate nature of the monarchy and its apparatus involved with mass genocide, raw material looting, assassinations, wars, and conflict on the African continent though game parks run by the World Wide Fund For Nature (formerly the World Wildlife Fund).

My take on all this horror:

      So far it seems the ASPCA as well as Mercy for Animals are greatly respected, and when I get the chance will suss out which other animal charities are worthy of our donations.  At the time of writing this, I have no info on it. Perhaps you can research if you want to donate for genuine causes.

       Each year, baby seals are slaughtered and skinned, starting from the month of September, for meat and their skins, but this does NOT have to happen. The Canadian government could subsidise those who needed food or clothes in this way, and should STOP being the greedy, selfish money-grabbing country who is allowing the slaughter and sale of such innocents, as they are doing now. 

        It is abominable to take skin away from a living body, (as they do) and it is WRONG to TORTURE and to KILL sea mammals and animals.  If we don't fight to stop the cruelty, (if we can find a way) why should we be shown mercy in return? Genocide is going on (with most living creatures including man). Animals are being destroyed to take away all that is truly precious on this earth, and ONLY for money. Habitats are the other invaluable necessities which are being eroded, and due to the greedy, evil men, tearing down the forests and jungles for their own gain.

       As spokespeople, we can bring causes to the attention of the benevolent, influential people, even though we have to dig them out of hiding. There must be many who think life is precious and who love animals. Too many people seem not to care about the state of the world to be left to the younger generation. It is going to be (if not already) a planet that is too damaged to return to its original state, and will not be worthy of inheriting, let alone living on. We must all care enough to find a way to prevent and stop neglect and abuse, of living creatures and of their habitats. 

      Petitions sometimes appear to have been successful, but when it is seen who the petition is to be sent to, in most cases, you can be sure that 'that' person is NOT going to do anything to stop the cruelty. It seems to be 'their' will to cause even further suffering and loss, and in every and any way they can think of. The world is being turned upside down so fast we can hardly catch our breath. We certainly had nothing to look forward to, but there is hope at last. The young seemed not to have a future, not one they would like, with the automatons, and Artificial Intelligence, and the D-Wave. Unless something is done very quickly, it may be too late.

      Check out Global domination. Agenda 21. You need to know. And as they were not successful in 2016, which they hoped, and in 2017 they still have achieved it, thanks to President Putin and President Trump.

        It is almost too late already. We rightfully worry about the animals, but everyone, including children and older people are suffering in so many ways now too, some of it due to the vaccines, (don't be complacent, please research, for goodness sake! Vaccines are full of viruses and poisons!) The flu vaccine has been created to cause flu and much worse. Those with impaired immune systems would be made very sick or even kill them. With illness being spread to us all through almost every food item and drink, with ingredients that other countries rightfully ban! That includes, the GMO's and Monsanto. But does America ban this? NO!

Check every label, especially where it states; Inactive Ingredients. Here you will find wood alcohol, formaldehyde, aluminium, etc.. Aspartame is substitute sugar and destroys neurotransmitters. GMO's, under misleading names of course, but you can check out what is what. MSG changes brain patterns, High Fructose Syrup is toxic, and causes weight gain, it is the faecal matter of E-coli. Citric Acid and Sodium Benzoate together make Benzine, a solvent which cleans rust off metal..... And it becomes POISONOUS. 

PLEASE, for the sake of saving your family from suffering tumours, cancers, diabetes, and so much more, RESEARCH!!  Oh yes, this is deliberate. So check everything you consume or imbibe.

      Will you become concerned now, when it is NOT ONLY the animals being treated in outrageously callous ways? Do you love your families enough to protect their health for as long as you are able? Or, are you all too dumbed down? Do you watch a lot of television where your brains are programmed? Scared to speak out or make waves? Watch out then, as the tsunamis are on there way to you, so you might as well have made those waves after all! As it has been said; "Stand up, don't die on your knees!" Something like that, I will have to find that quote. That doesn't sound quite right. "Die on your feet rather than on your knees!" Hmmm! Is that right?

       I will really appreciate you asking your friends to visit this site, especially, if they are animal advocates or concerned with justice. There will be plenty more articles added and the forum is a great place to discuss and even meet up with friends to talk. TAKE A LOOK.  I shall do my best to entertain you with the contents of this site, and will join in the forum discussions with you all. The forum is located from the flashing icon at the top of this page, AND from the Menu Bar on the left of this page. Join in with the conversations, everyone can use it for free. You can always chat with me this way too, if you feel like it.

Just a note: for those who come in here often, if you have not seen anything new for a while, it is due to me being very unwell. Sometimes I feel much could be psychic attacks. I won't give up trying to regain my health and to protect myself. I hope to achieve that very soon.

  ��                                                   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sponsored by: Wildlife Conservation Society

Gorillas are gentle giants.  Like us, they play, hug, and laugh.  But they’re endangered and under assault. These gentle giants are facing a three-fold struggle for existence: they are killed for their meat; their habitats are destroyed by logging, mining, agriculture, and other invasive activities; and infectious diseases ravage their families. And if we don’t act now, they’ll soon have another threat. Federal lawmakers are planning to cut vital funding...

Gorillas are gentle giants.  Like us, they play, hug, love and laugh.  But they’re endangered and under assault. They are also far more intelligent than people give them credit for. I think of them as a specie of us humans.

      These gentle giants are facing a three-fold struggle for existence: they are killed for their flesh for eating; their habitats are destroyed by logging, mining, agriculture, and other invasive activities; and infectious diseases ravage their families. Babies are separated from their mothers, and are sometimes used in research. We HAVE to stop this barbaric treatment towards such intelligent animals. All animals have emotions, feelings, memories, and NEED affection and love. They feel pain too, can get depressed and they can CRY. They feel emotional pain as well as physical pain and are just like us, only without the vocal ability to live in the same ways as humans in civilised homes.

        Lacking our easy, quick communication is part of the reason they are still 'wild' and we are not. WE HAVE A DUTY TO PROTECT THEM! I have to say, we have a duty to protect ALL LIFE as well!

        If we do not try and protect now, they will soon have another terrible threat. 

        Federal lawmakers are planning to cut vital funding for international conservation programs that save gorillas’ lives and protect their habitats. Are you really going to ignore this and let the government wipe out all that is precious to us? Let them RUIN our world and destroy what is not theirs to make money from?

       The tragedy is that these cuts are too small to make a difference in the federal budget, but large enough to completely cripple efforts to save gorillas.

       SO WE MUST TELL THEM WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! WE HAVE TO BE THE VOICE OF THE ANIMALS, OR, SOON THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT. PLEASE take the time to find out more, all you can about this situation, and then act on behalf of these gentle creatures!

TRUE STORY:Animal rescue.

(Click here for my version) of how Rocky with his cat allergy, and I, with my nervousness of cats, rescued a cat.)

(Click here; to read Rocky's version about the cat we helped to save)

 Info on October 2016:

I have been in some pain for many months and not been able to get on with all that is necessary. I may need to have treatment on my wrists. Splinting them until the inflamed sheath affecting my thumbs, and along the inside my wrists heal. Yes, BOTH wrists!! Talk about bad luck! Not to mention the cyst which popped up on my inner wrist. I have been trying to feel well enough to post videos, of us performing songs, and me reading short stories as well as parts of my novel. Hopefully, my health will improve and you will see many new things going on in here. it all depends on wrist health at the moment, but there is a great deal to see and read on here, meanwhile. 

As you may not have time to peruse the whole site at the moment, please bookmark it and I hope you will come back soon. Watch out for my autobiography, which I am working on again! I hope to publish it very soon. (Splints or no splints!).

UPDATE: I had operations. On the left a piece of bone cut out from the ulna and plate put in, which had to be taken out later and then de-briding the cartilage (scraping it all out!) done on the right wrist! Taking a long time to heal. And then I have had to deal with trapped nerves in my neck. (It is now 2019 and I still have trapped nerves!) I warn other dancers to be careful of how you move your head when dancing. This injury catches up to us, especially if unlucky enough to have been involved in a near fatal car crash, as I was some years ago.

But, I am going to beat this neck pain with holistic methods. It is November 2019 now, and at last, I am having some relief after all this time. 


 I became a 'Top Contributor', on Yahoo Answers, category; Religious & Spiritual, and Human Relationships.     

MY YAHOO ANSWERS - Contributor Profile

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        Now I have to get in serious mode, put my glasses on and become the author I am. (Or, part of who I am) 

                                      What IS this website for?animal-smiley-040.gifThe Quick answer:

     ~ ~ This is a 'mini-library' of sorts, a 3D Showcase. Apart from introducing me to America, (I was reasonably well known in London where I was born and the UK where I lived until a few years ago.)

        This site is to entertain, in a very family oriented way, and to give enjoyment to those who like to read free stories. Firstly, there is the FORUM. Most interesting, unusual and interactive. I will not censor writers, who should be allowed to have their opinion, but will delete bad cuss words! I used to believe strongly in FREE, POLITE SPEECH, but now we must be more careful. Hopefully, we will still be able to discuss and debate here, in my Forum. ~ ~

      Also, there are quality stories to be read, with more regularly added. Please ask me, if you have read them all and want more! The site also gives visitors the chance to learn who the author, 'Donni-Jay De-Ville', truly is, in a unique, three dimensional way!  I invite you to REALLY get to know me and you might just like me too. ~~   

     My website enables visitors to enjoy the various fruits of my labour. My pictures give a visual history.  A few of my original songs are shared, and will be properly finished and updated.

                                                                   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


AMAZING UPDATE:  On Saturday, July 13th 2013, Rocky bench-pressed 500lbs, free weights! He has been working towards this, and considering entering a Seniors Olympics power lifting contest. As you can see, he has already beat all the competition with this lift!! I confirm this and the update is July 21st 2013. (On my birthday). However, I am trying to talk him into getting the 'Guinness book of Records,' to certify his bench-pressing 500lbs.   Rocky took a video of his achieving this great result! He doesn't need the Guiness Book!

     If visitors are readers, much can be learned about me from my writings. Snippets can be found of my unusual life experiences, in the form of short stories or articles and of course, five chapters from my novel, 'Into The Lyons Den.' My BIO, with the synopsis and four chapters of my Autobiography, which are in here. You will also find a few fictional stories.

      I also post events of interest to my readers, (Well now I meant to do this, but time just flies by! I really hope to work hard on this aspect) in news/updates, and articles. For example, I wrote about the April 2006 tornado that almost hit us, hovering 100 yards in front of our house, but instead, went on to devastate the nearby areas, of Sumner County. It was my first tornado and as they threatened us each year from Feb - April, I still feel very insecure about tornado threats. However, I loved the deep 'booming' sound as the tornado twirled in front of my eyes! An amazing sound!

     This website is my living bio, complete with visuals and audio, to compliment my writing. Videos will soon be added of our band performances. It is the best way to provide the fullest perception of who I am, especially as the site is kept up to date and is very hands-on. The professional forum is for anyone who likes to read and write, and generally have fun learning and sharing new ideas, also in meeting others of like mind, (in the forum) It is also informative and can be educational, touching on most topics, with more added if requested.

      This site is for people who love to read, but are disappointed with the stories available today. Most of those stories have good beginnings, reasonable to good middles, (or maybe the other way around) due to the writer having a good idea, but they end up writing themselves into a hole. Also, their book endings are mostly an anti-climax. I like Dean Koontz books very much though.

    If the writer has not experienced much emotion in their lives, they will write unemotionally. It shows in the way they have their characters act, which is possibly not in a realistic manner. This is why most books do not have characters vivid enough to have the reader relate to them. Usually, there is far too much 'filler' and excess words to give the book more pages. Quantity but not quality. This way of writing takes away from the action, and ruins it for the reader. I have edited and published my own novel, (through De-Ville Publishing).  I can guarantee NO 'wallpapering,' (the use of many unnecessary words), occurs in any of my stories. But, quite the opposite! I whittle it down, for maximum attention and keep the interest flowing even in the slower parts.

    Have you ever read a story or seen a film where you have felt lost after it was finished? Disliked that you had become so involved with the characters that you felt as if you had seen the last of the people you had grown to love?  Had you ever wished the story could continue, so you could watch the characters continue to interact, even, as they grew older in print? Would you like to enjoy a novel this much? Yes? Then you need my novel: 'Into the Lyons Den' ........ Available through this site and Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other online stores. 

     You want thrilling threads all the way through? With twists and mysteries that make you wonder and try to work out who did what? Cliff-hangers on the end of each chapter making it practically impossible for you to put down? This novel is for you! If you want an ending that will surprise and be heart rendering, this is for you. If you want to read a story you will NEVER forget, THIS IS IT!

     A compelling story for women, men and gays alike. This would make the best gift ever, for yourself and ALL the reader friends you have, over the age of seventeen years, or younger depending on how mature they are. Just the thing for a low-cost, memorable present. Here is a thrilling story which will alter the way you think, also teach you more about emotional human interaction and compassion.  

      The 442 quality vellum page, paperback is available through this site, at the top of this homepage and through the the STORE here. Paperback and E-books are available in Kindle, through Amazon, UK & USA.

     Meanwhile, DO NOT FORGET TO READ THE VERY INTERESTING SHORT STORIES and ARTICLES IN HERE! (Just click on the tab in the Menu Bar on the left of the page.) You could also pop in to see the professional forum in here, and make some comments? You may want to get a snack and a cuppa, so you can relax and be entertained! That is the purpose of this website. 

My intention is to entertain you. Welcome to my world and enjoy!

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 ‘Into the Lyons Den,’ by Donni De-Ville


     This story will touch everyone, both men and women alike, touching inner feelings not openly admitted to. A compelling story, thrilling in places and extremely sad in others. Many twists which the reader does not expect, with exciting cliff-hangers ending each chapter. The conclusion does not let the reader down and the story will never be forgotten.

     The book is unlike any you would ever have read anywhere! Well written for easy reading, fast moving, compassionate and racy! A slightly erotic, mystery, horror novel impossible to put down. Based on some true life events and characters. Enacted around the ‘Lyons Dating Agency.’ A backdrop for Viv, 35 years old, a lonely woman in search of her perfect partner through the agency. Viv, found the agency brought excitement, danger and heartbreak instead. A great change of pace from her mundane life working in an office in London.

       Instead of a flowery romance, she encounters a baron, a transvestite, detectives, murders, a serial killer and more than she could ever have bargained for, or deserved. You will go through all the gamut of emotions and enjoy the strong storyline which continues all the way through the book. The ending is unexpected and you would have to be made of stone, not to be deeply moved.

       This book has received rave reviews from ranked authors on top writing sites where it was first introduced and storyline perfected. I was ranked 'Number 2' in Fanstory.com   My writing style is easy and makes for very vivid reading, with the characters becoming 3D entering your brain making you care about each and every one of them. Other authors may let you down, this one will not! Read the latest review by ChickLit Cafe, scroll back up to the top....

Paperback and eBook available since Jan 2010. Go to the store  HERE  or scroll to the top and click on the book cover. Available Barnes & Noble, on Amazon UK and USA too!

Please give me a review after reading, as each good review helps others to decide whether to buy or not. Thanks!


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(©2005. The copyright in this compilation is owned by Donni-Jay De-Ville Entertainment & Publishing Company, Inc. All rights of the author and owner of this work are reserved.)

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        I do promise you Into the Lyons Den will be an exciting, roller-coaster adventure you will never forget. You will find it VERY entertaining, I guarantee. My mind is nothing like anyone else's. The story characters and their actions appeared as if I were watching a film, and I never had a block, unless I tried to change the actions that I saw in my mind's eye. So I went back to 'reporting' it as it happened, and there were no sudden stops. Keeping up was more difficult. Emotional parts in the story even made me cry. Not only is it thrilling and sensitive, it is also educational. I have used some events and exceptional characters from my life, which make the story come entirely alive!

     Do not forget to check out my BIO page for more low-down on me. Autobiography synopsis and four chapters for you to read. Just click on the 'Books' tab at the left hand side. Then find; 'Conflicts and Struggles of Donni-Jay De-Ville.' Be my guest, relax with a cup of coffee, (or, English tea) and something to eat, then read my online life story from your computer screen. You will not have known about a life such as mine before, to the degree of contradicting factors, fast constant dilemmas with incredible events, (mainly bad) happening one after the other and the best of the worst decisions made. If you like autobiographies, you will need to add mine to your collection. I would love to hear what you think about the chapters already posted so far in this site. But, first.....
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        Take care until we meet again,

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