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INTO THE LYONS DEN (Click Here to to Buy From Us!)

The Lyons Den is an absorbing tale based on some true, slightly exaggerated, life events and characters. This story will affect men, women, gays and the transgendered folk. Biases against those born in the wrong body will soon disappear. One character in the book easily proves he is more human than many of us 'think we are.' She touches inner feelings not easily admitted to.

      Viv, at 35 years old, searches for love but found the dating agency brought excitement, danger and heartbreak instead. Fast moving, compassionate and racy: a semi-soft, erotic mystery/thriller that is almost impossible to put down.

A compelling tale enacted around the Lyons Dating Agency, which is the backdrop for Viv, a lonely woman in search of love with the perfect partner.  Instead, she encounters a baron ~ lover ~ transgendered hero(ine) ~ detectives ~ murders and a serial killer who travels throughout Europe committing his dirty deeds. For Viv, this is a huge change of pace from her previously mundane life working in a London office. There are strong emotional story-lines all the way through which help the reader bond with the characters.

      The story is frightening in places, whilst extremely sad in others.  Intrigue and death are part of the plot.  There are many unexpected twists, and each chapter ends with a cliff-hanger.  This book is unlike any you would have read before and it will feel as if you are watching it on television or at a movie!  The ending does not disappoint the reader, and the story will never be forgotten.

A must read for all fans of thrillers and mysteries or anyone hungry for something unique and exciting.

 by Donni De-Ville

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NEWS FLASH: An ex-husband became a best seller with his book; The Nemesis File. It was a memoir of his time as an Assassin with the British Army, in one of their SAS Assassination Squads. I feel this worthy of mentioning, due to the shocking news releases of current events worldwide, but mainly, in America. Many secrets can no longer to be kept under wraps as more horrors are being exposed almost daily. We should support all living beings, and be concerned about protecting our only home; 'Earth.' To cause suffering like this will mean we will be punished with Mother Nature's backlash. Sometimes, it feels like its too late to save our good people and the planet. The perpetrators who have caused all this grief through their absolute greed will cause their own doom, very likely, along side ours. 

We all need a miracle.  

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Listen to me sing the classic song,  WHITE RABBIT by Mama De-Ville Band

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Visit my other website, the music one: www.mamadevilleband.com


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                                                     Heartbreaking! We are SICK people if we don't help them! 

Indifference not only kills, but it causes horrendous suffering to continue. We OWE it to all living creatures to comfort and protect them!

       Sadly, there will always be cowards and sadists, who harm or kill animals whether governments put them on the 'protected' list or not. ALL animals should be protected, not only those who are becoming extinct, thanks to the sub-humans who become hunters and murderers! Many people state they are animal lovers, but how many bother to help in perhaps the only way possible to them? Financial help is mainly needed, but ALL animal rescue centres and shelters are in need of some type of help. Usually, donations or campaigns helping them to raise money, but physical help is also welcomed at many of these shelters. Why not give them a call and find out if they need you?

       A high percentage of book sales as well as donations from the merchandise we sell as performers, will be for the benefit of animal shelters.  We are dedicated to working toward our position of helping subsidise as many no-kill animal shelters as possible, as well as the volunteers who need to earn a living. caring for animals and rescuing them has got to be the best work ever! It is not always a good thing to donate to the large concerns as they have overheads and, with some research can be found to be giving only a small portion of their donations for the animals.

    The Humane Society of the United States, is known to only give a tiny percentage, and although PETA bring so much of the cruelty to the forefront, they often misuse their funds. If you do not believe me research to find out in what ways they do this. You will be very surprised. PETA do not believe animals should be pets and prefer to euthanize rather than find the animals homes or even to take them to the various no-kill shelters. It is best to thoroughly research and choose which charity or animal funding genuinely needs help and is dedicated to caring for the animals.

      So far it seems the ASPCA are greatly respected, and when I get the change will suss out which other animal charities are worthy of our donations. 

       Baby seals are slaughtered and skinned, starting from the month of September, for meat and their skins, but this does NOT have to happen. The Canadian government could subsidise those who needed food or clothes in this way, and should STOP being the greedy, selfish money-grabbing country who is allowing the slaughter and sale of such innocents, as they are doing now.  It is abominable to take skin away from a living body, (as they do) and it is WRONG to TORTURE and to KILL sea mammals and animals. Genocide is going on (with most living creatures including man). Animals are being destroyed to take away all that is truly precious on this earth, and ONLY for money. Habitats are the other invaluable necessities which are being eroded, and due to the greedy, evil men, tearing down the forests and jungles for their own gain.

       As spokespeople, we can bring causes to the attention of the benevolent influential people, even though we have to dig them out of hiding. Too many people seem not to care about the state of the world to be left to the younger generation. It is going to be (if not already) a planet that is too damaged to return to its original state, and will not be worthy of inheriting, let alone living on. We must all care enough to find a way to prevent and stop neglect and abuse, of living creatures and of their habitats. 

      Petitions sometimes appear to have been successful, but when it is seen who the petition is to be sent to, in most cases, you can be sure that 'that' person is NOT going to do anything to stop the cruelty. It seems to be 'their' will to cause even further suffering and loss and in every and any way they can think of. The world is being turned upside down so fast we can hardly catch our breath. We certainly have nothing to look forward to. The young have no future, not one they will like, unless something is done, and done NOW. Check out Global domination. Agenda 21. You need to know.

        It is almost too late already. We rightfully worry about the animals, but everyone, including children are suffering in so many ways now too, some of it due to the vaccines, (don't be complacent, please research, for goodness sake, vaccines are full of viruses and poisons!) With illness being spread to us all through almost every food item and drink, with ingredients that other countries rightfully ban! But does America? NO! Check every label, especially where it states; Inactive Ingredients. Here you will find wood alcohol, formaldehyde, aluminium, aspartame, GMO's, under misleading names of course, but you can check out what is what.  PLEASE, for the sake of saving your family from suffering tumours, cancers, diabetes, and so much more, RESEARCH!!  Oh yes, this is deliberate.

      Will you become concerned now, when it is not only the animals being treated in outrageously callous ways? Do you love your families enough to protect their health for as long as you are able? Or, are you all too dumbed down? Scared to make waves? Watch out then, as the tsunamis are on there way to you, so you might as well have made those waves after all! As it has been said; Stand up, don't die on your knees! Something like that, I will have to find that quote. It doesn't sound quite right. Die on your feet rather than on your knees! Hmmm! Is that right?

       I will really appreciate you asking your friends to visit this site, especially, if they are animal advocates or concerned with justice. There will be plenty more articles added and the forum is a great place to discuss and even meet up with friends to talk. TAKE A LOOK.  I shall do my best to entertain you with the contents of this site, and will join in the forum discussions with you all. The forum is located from the flashing icon at the top of this page, AND from the Menu Bar on the left of this page. Join in with the conversations, everyone can use it for free.
                                                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sponsored by: Wildlife Conservation Society

Gorillas are gentle giants.  Like us, they play, hug, and laugh.  But they’re endangered and under assault. These gentle giants are facing a three-fold struggle for existence: they are killed for their meat; their habitats are destroyed by logging, mining, agriculture, and other invasive activities; and infectious diseases ravage their families. And if we don’t act now, they’ll soon have another threat. Federal lawmakers are planning to cut vital funding...

Gorillas are gentle giants.  Like us, they play, hug, love and laugh.  But they’re endangered and under assault.

      These gentle giants are facing a three-fold struggle for existence: they are killed for their meat; their habitats are destroyed by logging, mining, agriculture, and other invasive activities; and infectious diseases ravage their families. Babies are separated from their mothers, and are sometimes used in research. We HAVE to stop this barbaric treatment towards such intelligent animals. All animals have emotions, feelings, memories, and NEED affection and love. They feel pain too, can get depressed and they can CRY. The feel emotional pain as well as physical pain and are just like us, only without the vocal ability to live in the same ways as humans in civilised homes. Lacking our easy, quick communication is the reason why they are still 'wild' and we are not. WE HAVE A DUTY TO PROTECT THEM! I have to say, we have a duty to protect ALL LIFE as well!

If we do not try and protect now, they will soon have another terrible threat.  Federal lawmakers are planning to cut vital funding for international conservation programs that save gorillas’ lives and protect their habitats. Are you really going to ignore this and let the government wipe out all that is precious to us? Let them RUIN our world and destroy what is not theirs to make money from?

The tragedy is that these cuts are too small to make a difference in the federal budget, but large enough to completely cripple efforts to save gorillas. SO WE MUST TELL THEM WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! WE HAVE TO BE THE VOICE OF THE ANIMALS, OR, SOON THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT. PLEASE take the time to find out more, all you can about this situation, and then act on behalf of these gentle creatures!

(Click here for my version) of how Rocky with his cat allergy, and I, with my nervousness of cats, rescued a cat.)

(Click here; to read Rocky's version about the cat we helped to save)

 This page updated on: July 21st 2013: Also, you can soon read my latest updates & articles for news on me.

I have been in some pain for many months and not been able to get on with all that is necessary. I may need to have treatment on my wrists. Splinting them until the inflamed sheath affecting my thumbs, and along the inside my wrists heal.Yes, flipping BOTH wrists!! Talk about bad luck! Not to mention the cyst which popped up on my inner wrist. OUCH!I have been tryng to feel well enough to post videos, of us performing songs, and me reading short stories as well as parts of my novel. Generally, enjoying the site again. Hopefully, my health will improve and you will see many new things going on in here, VERY SOON. it all depends on wrist health at the moment, but there is a great deal to see and read on here, meanwhile. 

As you may not have time to peruse the whole site at the moment, please bookmark it and I hope you will come back soon. Watch out for my autobiography, which I am working on again! We intend to publish it before the end of the year! (Splints or no splints!)

 I became a 'Top Contributor', on Yahoo Answers, category; Religious & Spiritual, and Human Relationships.     

MY YAHOO ANSWERS - Contributor Profile

        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my site! animal-smiley-040.gifPlease scroll to the bottom of this page for links to my other writing sites.

       I have had success in staying in shape, through not eating too much and steering clear of fattening foods. This, even at my age and suffering instability from hypothyroidism, (Hashimoto's) an under-active thyroid, since 1984. I can still make natural, physical improvements and shall do more by my next birthday, July 2013. I never had this 'dream' to be famous,  as in being a 'household name,' which so many publicity mad celebrities seem to need. It was difficult enough to be the public property I became with my work as a professional dancer, and to a degree, as a performer singing and playing guitar with bands. It was all I could cope with at that time. I did not want the horrors that accompany huge fame. 

      It is not easy with me being so much of a loner, a hermit at times (when my agoraphobia took over) and rather than being committed to public events, I would prefer to be busy with many other creative pursuits. Some people tried to keep me channelled on showbiz alone and in the public eye. Constantly invited to boring parties with shallow talk, surrounded by those who think so much of themselves and who expected me to be as over-awed by them as most of the other guests were !   It takes a great deal for me to be impressed and I need to respect people before I allow them close enough to become friends. Beside that, I prefer being my own boss, always have been and always will be!

      Back to the previous subject; Hopefully I shall continue to prove 'mature age' does not have to make a person look 'old' or 'frumpy.' My website pictures, taken from many years ago to the up-to-date ones, are to prove women over middle age should not be written off. My intention is to be a  role model for ageing well, perhaps, with an appearance on a talk show/s when my true age will be revealed. I am proud to be the age I am as it shows I have experienced life, (oodles of it actually) and I also have great genes (thanks Mum!) which are a great benefit! But, many have told me not to be obvious about my age until the time is right. If the world situation continues to worsen, we might just write and perform our songs for videos and DVD's, which we can sell with a percentage donated to needy causes. I also hope to get sponsors, and wealthy people involved. If not, we will just do as much as we can.

       As a writer, I can make the plight of animals more known, and as a performer, along with my husband Rocky, corporate man, (power lifter, read: AMAZING UPDATE, further down) who is also a musician and songwriter. We can raise finances for some of the interested charities who contact us., or who we discover. One important animal concern to us is; Freedom Farm from Hendersonville, in Tennessee, who are a no-kill shelter, because we were involved with them. We have added more shelters and causes to our list and look forward to fund-raising. We also plan huge fund-raising for the homeless and needy on the largest scale we can manage. To do this we shall need teams of people and hopefully, they will not have to volunteer their services for nothing. Stipends at least will be paid, as everyone needs to earn a living.

     In my 20's for seven years I performed in many towns and events, as a solo dancer. My manager, where I worked as the resident dancer in a club, was also the band, XTC's, manager. That band were extremely popular in the UK, and probably around the world, but I was busy doing my own thing. Acquired my Actors Equity card and went on to do some television and commercials work, later to perform as a singer. I also played guitar, with blues, soul, country and pop bands, in England. Spent some years as part of a duo, 'Chilli Pepper' and loved the entertainment business, although sadly, I was not enamoured by many of the people I met along the way. I have been living in America over seven years now, having married a Chicagoan, Rocky, and I love it here. Spent my first year in Chicago, then we bought a lovely large ranch style place just outside Nashville, TN. Stayed there for five years, and then moved back to Chicago.

      Song-writing and performing will always be my greatest passion, although my performances in my recent past have mostly been as  a 'guest' on stage. A project is being organised and if all goes well, we shall be a recording video band, available for some functions, but mostly for fund-raising! Rocky, (my hubby) is on drums. We perform country/blues/boogie/soul/swing. We were looking for a 'Little Richard' style pianist, or 'Jerry Lee,' boogie piano player to join us.

      A blood cousin from my father's side of the family, traced her ancestry to me, her having the same ancestor, Sir John Wynn, and she has been living in Florida. We are in Chicago at the mo, where she (Cousin Terry) is coming down to visit and decide if she wants to join us. Cousin T, is a pianist and she sings! In the past, as I did, she was a model and professional dancer! Cuz T is ALSO a writer! Amazing how much in common we both have! I am only a little older than her, and she looks very young for her age too! We hope to meet up next month, and can enlarge on our plans when we know if she is part of the band or not. Either way, it will be fantastic having a blood relative and a female friend to stay in touch with. Wonders will never cease!

        Of course we still need a 'cool' saxophonist and a pianist with that boogie left hand! WHERE ARE THESE ELUSIVE MUSIC MEN???

       Potential musicians, retro-music loving listeners and any of our fans, can keep an eye on my new 'Mama De-Ville Band' site,  www.mamadevilleband.com and although still being worked on, is worth a visit. We have slightly different songs in there. It is also a good way to converse with me. The 'Mama' site will be solely for music discussion, anecdotes past performance and for our videos. This Donni site here is mostly for stories, articles and fun themes. Both of my sites have a separate professional forum and I hope some of you will want to comment in them . Join us?

     Writing has always been a serious part of my life and indeed, it has been the primary focus. Over the years I have finished many short stories, some of which were published and more to become a compilation. The autobiography is well on the way, and I have completed and we published my novel, (NOT a vanity publisher!) Kindle & e-Book is available now. I have two more books in the pipeline and of course many more already completed short stories and articles to add in this site, for your free reading pleasure.

     I write like I think, (but, try to be diplomatic) and do not mind confrontations, usually because I am not afraid to be controversial. Also as in not hiding my full length pictures. They are there to prove I am different from most women of my age, and that I have not aged badly, nor in the normal way of others and I have kept my youthful hourglass shape. Attitude, DNA and not wanting to be like anyone else, has probably helped me.

     I am aware that the usual 'author' picture, usually makes the writer look intellectual and lofty. But, I am not the 'usual' kind of author. I am not the usual kind of person. At this age, I still work out with heavy weights, (I have marvellous triceps!) and look younger than ANYONE near my age, with no implants or face lifts either!

     Also, I have survived a great deal more emotion and treachery, than most of you will have come across. That is why I write so compellingly, openly and broach subjects that other writers might not. But, I am nevertheless to be taken seriously, for I am a proven writer and author, regardless of whether I have a shapely body or not. I am annoyed by those who have such closed minds as to stereotype others due to their looks. Image helps in gaining respect, even if begrudgingly, but the important thing is how one's spirit has developed and not having the attitude of 'looking the other way,' but trying to do something about it each time an injustice is about to be, or is done. I am spiritual and not religious.

     If you think that because of how I look, there cannot be a creative brain in my head, I say loudly;  "READ my work and be very surprised!" I happen to be capable of a high standard of most things I attempt, it is natural to me. I am literally a case of not judging a book by its cover. "Do not judge a writer, by her wrapper!" You cannot see the brain ticking, but it is there.

    If you do not have the time to read much more, bookmark the site and come back when you can! This may become one of your most favourite places to spend time! If you have read all and wish for more, just write and let me know, I have plenty more to add! You can contact me through the; 'Contact Us' tab in the Menu Bar on the left hand side of the screen.

     This is an interactive site, so do not forget to visit and use the great forum here. And, of course please sign my guest book. Thanks!
                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        Now I have to get in serious mode, put my glasses on and become the author I am. (Or, part of who I am)


Red lips My Family ~ Nashville  ~  Feb 2010  

                                      What IS this website for?animal-smiley-040.gifThe Quick answer: Red lips

     ~ ~ This is a 'mini-library' of sorts, a 3D Showcase. Apart from introducing me to America, (I am reasonably well known in parts of England, where I was born and lived until seven years ago.) This site is to entertain, in a very family oriented way, and to give enjoyment to those who like to read free stories. Firstly, there is the FORUM. Most interesting, unusual and interactive. I will not censor writers, who should be allowed to have their opinion, but will delete bad cuss words! I used to believe strongly in FREE, POLITE SPEECH, but now we must be more careful. Hopefully, we will still be able to discuss and debate here, in my Forum. ~ ~

      Also, there are quality stories to be read, with more regularly added. Please ask me, if you have read them all and want more! The site also gives visitors the chance to learn who the author, 'Donni De-Ville', truly is, in a unique, three dimensional way!  I invite you to REALLY get to know me and you might just like me too. ~~   

     My website enables visitors to enjoy the various fruits of my labour. My pictures give a visual history.  A few of my original songs are shared, and are about to be properly finished and updated. Very soon we hope to add my band CD's, and probably many 'unplugged' ones, (just me and guitar with Hubby drumming) for you to enjoy. ♫ ♪♫ ♪  My husband Rocky, is learning to play guitar now and is doing very well! he is a quick learner and 'determined!' I look forward so much to us playing guitars together, even whilst we watch the 'Weather' on television. That is our most watched show! Lol! We have too much to do on our projects to watch much else!

AMAZING UPDATE:  On Saturday, July 13th 2013, Rocky De-Ville bench-pressed 500lbs, free weights! He has been working towards this, and considering entering a Seniors Olympics power lifting contest. As you can see, he has already beat all the competition with this lift!! I confirm this and the update is July 21st 2013. (On my birthday). However, I am talking Rocky into getting the 'Guinness book of Records,' interested in certifying this lifted weight.  

     If visitors are readers, much can be learned about me from my writings. Snippets can be found of my unusual life experiences, in the form of  short stories or articles and of course, five chapters from my novel, 'Into The Lyons Den.' My BIO, with the synopsis and four chapters of my Autobiography, in here. You will also find a few fictional stories too.

      I also post events of interest to my readers, (Well now I meant to do this, but time just flies by! I really hope to work hard on this aspect) in news/updates, and articles. For example, I wrote about the April 2006 tornado that almost hit us, hovering 100 yards in front of our house, but instead, went on to devastate the nearby areas, of Sumner County. It was my first tornado and as they threatened us each year from Feb - April, I still feel very insecure about tornado threats. However, I loved the deep 'booming' sound as the tornado twirled in front of my eyes! An amazing sound!

     This website is my living bio, complete with visuals and audio, to compliment my writing. Videos will soon be added of our band performances. It is the best way to provide the fullest perception of who I am, especially as the site is kept up to date and is very hands-on. The professional forum is for anyone who likes to read and write, and generally have fun learning and sharing new ideas, also in meeting others of like mind, (in the forum) It is also informative and can be educational, touching on most topics, with more added if requested.

      This site is for people who love to read, but are disappointed with the stories available today. Most of those stories have good beginnings, reasonable to good middles, (or maybe the other way around) due to the writer having a good idea, but they end up writing themselves into a hole. Also, their book endings are mostly an anti-climax.

    If the writer has not experienced much emotion in their lives, they will write unemotionally. It shows in the way they have their characters act, which is possibly not in a realistic manner. This is why most books do not have characters vivid enough to have the reader relate to them. Usually, there is far too much 'filler' and excess words to give the book more pages. Quantity but not quality. This way of writing takes away from the action, and ruins it for the reader. I have edited and published my own novel, with the help of my husband, Rocky, (De-Ville Publishing).  I can guarantee NO 'wallpapering,' (the use of many unnecessary words), occurs in any of my stories. But, quite the opposite! I whittle it down, for maximum attention and keep the interest flowing even in the slower parts.

    Have you ever read a story or seen a film where you have felt lost after it was finished? Disliked that you had become so involved with the characters that you felt as if you had seen the last of the people you had grown to love?  Had you ever wished the story could continue, so you could watch the characters continue to interact, even, as they grew older in print? Would you like to enjoy a novel this much? Yes? Then you need my novel: 'Into the Lyons Den' ........Available through this site and Amazon.

     You want thrilling threads all the way through? With twists and mysteries that make you wonder and try to work out who did what? Cliff-hangers on the end of each chapter making it practically impossible for you to put down? This novel is for you! If you want an ending that will surprise and be heart rendering, this is for you. If you want to read a story you will NEVER forget, THIS IS IT!

     A compelling story for women, men and gays alike. This would make the best gift ever, for yourself and ALL the reader friends you have, over the age of seventeen years, or younger depending on how mature they are. Just the thing for a low-cost, memorable present. Here is a thrilling story which will alter the way you think, also teach you more about emotional human interaction and compassion.  

      The 442 quality vellum page, paperback is available through this site, at the top of this homepage and through the the STORE here. E-books are available in Kindle, through Amazon, UK & USA, as is the paperback novel.

     Meanwhile, DO NOT FORGET TO READ THE VERY INTERESTING SHORT STORIES and ARTICLES IN HERE! (Just click on the tab in the Menu Bar on the left of the page.) You could also pop in to see the professional forum in here, and make some comments? You may want to get a snack and a cuppa, so you can relax and be entertained! That is the purpose of this website. My intention is to entertain you. Welcome to my world and enjoy!

                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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       These links are to my articles in 'Wikihow'

This link is is for my answers to questions in 'Yahoo Answers.'


                                           READ ON, ABOUT THE AMAZING NOVEL NOW!
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 ‘Into the Lyons Den,’ by Donni De-Ville


     This story will touch everyone, both men and women alike, touching inner feelings not openly admitted to. A compelling story, thrilling in places and extremely sad in others. Many twists which the reader does not expect, with exciting cliff-hangers ending each chapter. The conclusion does not let the reader down and the story will never be forgotten.

     The book is unlike any you would ever have read anywhere! Well written for easy reading, fast moving, compassionate and racy! A slightly erotic, mystery, horror novel impossible to put down. Based on some true life events and characters. Enacted around the ‘Lyons Dating Agency.’ A backdrop for Viv, 35 years old, a lonely woman in search of her perfect partner through the agency. Viv, found the agency brought excitement, danger and heartbreak instead. A great change of pace from her mundane life working in an office in London.

       Instead of a flowery romance, she encounters a baron, a transvestite, detectives, murders, a serial killer and more than she could ever have bargained for, or deserved. You will go through all the gamut of emotions and enjoy the strong storyline which continues all the way through the book. The ending is unexpected and you would have to be made of stone, not to be deeply moved.

       This book has received rave reviews from ranked authors on top writing sites where it was first introduced and storyline perfected. I was ranked 'Number 2' in Fanstory.com   My writing style is easy and makes for very vivid reading, with the characters becoming 3D entering your brain making you care about each and every one of them. Other authors may let you down, this one will not! Red lips

Paperback and kindle available since Jan 2010. Go to the store  HERE , or scroll to the top and click on the book cover. Available on Amazon UK and USAtoo! Please give me a review after reading, as each good review helps others to decide whether to buy or not. Thanks!

Donni Red lips

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(©2005. The copyright in this compilation is owned by Donni-Jay De-Ville Entertainment & Publishing Company, Inc. All rights of the author and owner of this work are reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.)

                                                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     I do promise you it will be an exciting, roller-coaster adventure you will never forget. You will find it VERY entertaining, I guarantee. My mind is nothing like anyone else's. The story unravelled as I went along, and parts of it made me cry. Not only is it thrilling and emotional, it is also educational. I have used some events and exceptional characters from my life, which make the story come entirely alive!

     Do not forget to check out my BIO page for more low-down on me. Autobiography synopsis and four chapters for you to read. Just click on the 'Books' tab at the left hand side. Then find; 'Conflicts and Struggles of Donni-Jay De-Ville.' Be my guest, relax with a cup of coffee, (or, English tea) and something to eat, then read my online life story from your computer screen. You will not have known about a life such as mine before, to the degree of contradicting factors, fast constant dilemmas with incredible events, (mainly bad) happening one after the other and the best of the worst decisions made. If you like autobiographies, you will need to add mine to your collection. I would love to hear what you think about the chapters already posted so far in this site. But, first.....

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        Navigate all  over the site and be entertained! Come back soon!  Any problems, email me through the 'Contact Us' from the homepage menu on the left hand side of the screen. Thank you for visiting!

        Take care until we meet again,
Donni Red lips

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Donni-Jay De-Ville  (Author, Performer, Songwriter)

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The eBook and Paperback; 'INTO THE LYONS DEN'

Available through this site and Amazon UK & USA.


(Give me a review, and it may be published in one of the subsequent editions! I would also appreciate a review here or/and in Amazon. Free 'exclusive' signed photo for each successful review used and the chance to meet me!)


http://www.bestandworst.com/ How Many Interesting Unattractive People Do You Know?  Read the choices.

I contributed to this wonderful site with so much useful information. It is the most interesting one on the internet!   http://www.wikihow.com/User:DJD   

This is my page and you can start from there to see what I have originated or contributed to. But as other people can edit any of the articles and ruin a good piece of work, I have stopped writing in there!

     http://www.myspace.com/donnideville I no longer enjoy and hardly visit this site anymore as they keep changing it too much: And I also cancelled my Facebook account. It is not the same anymore!

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